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As a coach, parent or even sometimes a student, the task of fundraising for your school usually becomes a topic of great discussion.  After all, there are school trips to fund, pizza parties to have and fun events to pay for.  So, ideas for fundraising get tossed around like a spirit wear table in the lobby with t-shirts and sweat shirts for sale or for the more technically saavy an online spirit wear store with fun items to sell.  Regardless, someone always ends up having to manage the dreaded spirit wear order form.

What is a spirit wear order form you say?  (insert shivers down my back) well … a spirit wear event, typically involves one ore more people organizing the event and having to design spirit wear items, like t-shirts, shorts, sweat shirts, flannel pants etc … and collecting size information and money from students, parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles and any other would be buyer.  Of course, all of this information must be collected and stapled to the dreaded spirit wear order form.


Well, we’re here to tell you that there is a better way!.  Yes, we promote the extinction of the spirit wear order form.  Using our super cool and super easy custom online fundraising stores you can run your entire school spirit wear fundraising program without ever having to touch a spirit wear order form or without ever having to do any work.

I know, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is that easy.  So say no to the spirit wear order form and say yes to a custom spirit wear store.  Read on and see how easy it really is …


1You create the design

It begins with your design, your logo, your artwork, or just your idea!  You work with one of our professional graphic designers to create an amazing design that will spread the spirit.

2We set-up your store and products

You choose the products you want to carry in your store and on what product styles and colors you desire. You have a huge selection of products to select from ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo, jackets, hats and many more. Mix and match items to create a unique spirit wear store.  Once you have selected the products you would like to sell, we set up your online store.  You decide on how long each product will be available.  You decide how much you want to earn per sale. Do you want to earn a little or a lot? You will be able to mark up your products with retail profit or you can decide to offer items at a your bulk quantity pricing to pass the savings on to your members. The best part about our online stores is that they require no upfront cost.

Once you post your products online, we begin taking orders. Products are not printed until the available sales period has past.

3You promote your store

To make sales, you need visitors. To get visitors, you need to tell the world about your store.  If you don’t tell anybody about your new spiritwear Store, how will they learn about your products?  So be sure to send out emails, post banners, make calls and post links on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.


Spirit wear order form

Spirit wear order form

The dreaded spirit wear order form


What WE Do!

What CustomStoreOnline.com does for you

Providing high quality screen printing and embroidery is what we do best. For over 30 years AMBRO Manufacturing (the printers behind CustomStoreOnline.com) has been providing customers all across America with superior printing and customer service. We have the staff, dedication and expertise to provide the highest quality products.

Once your store is posted live, we handle all the customer service and will securely process credit card payments (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover).

We send you your profits!

Now comes the fun part! After you’ve promoted your store and orders have flooded in, we start production.  Once the sale period has ended, we tally the sizes, imprint the products and ship your orders in bulk directly to you for distribution.  The most exciting part of this process is when you open you box and receive your commission check from any additional profits you have earned through your product mark-up.   You can do all of this without ever sending home an order sheet or spending hours tallying up sizes from each home room.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?  Setting up an online store is FREE.  The only cost comes at the end of a sale where we retain the delta between what our cost to produce and your retail sale.  For example, if we tell you that it will cost $8.00 to produce your T-Shirt and you list it for sale for $15.00 we will retain $8.00 and you will retain $7.00 less the cost of credit card processing fees.  Please contact one of our sales consultants to explain this in more depth (908) 806-8337.

Who sets the sale price of items?  You do!  We will give you various quotes based on an estimated final order quantity.  Based on those quotes, you will set the resale pricing to be listed in your store.

How long does it take to get a store set-up?  Once artwork proofs have been approved and all product information has been submitted, we ask for 24-48 hours to get a store posted online for review.

How do students and parents receive their shirts?  We print and ship everything in bulk to the store coordinator.  This allows us to print the orders in bulk to offer customers better pricing which in turn, allows schools to make more profit of each sale.

How do members submit payment?  All online store payments are made through PayPal or though credit cards.  Members are able to pay using their PayPal account or check out as a guest with PayPal or their personal credit cards.

Can we combine different products to get bulk pricing?  Yes!  Here’s an example of how this will work- if you order 6 regular t-shirts and 6 fashion friendly shirts- We would combine the totals and then quote you based off the total for each style.

How long can we offer items to our school?  Products can be listed online for sale as long or as short as needed.  The store coordinator will set the deadline for each online store.

How do we get started?  The first step in setting up your online store is artwork.  Visit our main site at www.CustomStoreOnline.com to have custom artwork created for your school.  Once artwork has been approved, we can begin the set-up process of your online school store.

How do we receive the store profits?  After the store sale period has closed and the items have been printed, a profit check will be mailed to the store coordinator.


How to start?  Contact an online Store Consultant today to get started by visiting our Contact Us page.

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