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About Us

AMBRO Manufacturing is a garment decorating company based in Flemington, NJ.  Schools across the country and in Canada use our online store technology to provide an online store to their student body, parents and teachers.

If you’ve ever coordinated a Spirit Wear purchase, you’re familiar with having paper order forms, chasing people for money and the overall frustration of being the “volunteer” for the Spirit Wear buy.  You often find yourself wondering what you got yourself into and trying to figure out how NOT to do it again next year!

With CustomStoreOnline, you won’t experience that frustration ever again!


Here is how it works …

If your organization has 50 or more members (athletes, parents, coaches, teachers) you qualify for a FREE online store from CustomStoreOnline.com

After filling out the Open Store Request Form one of our Online Store Consultants will give you a call to discuss opening your FREE Online Store.  Once we review your organizations color schemes and logo, we will create digital representations of what will be available in your store.

If you are using the online store for fundraising for your group, we will provide you with your cost for each item in the store, and you tell us how much above that price you want to sell the items for.  When items sell, we collect the money from your customer and we pay you the difference between your cost and your mark up.  There is never any out of pocket expenses to your group.

If you are not using the store as a fundraiser, then we simply collect the money from your customers and ship them their products.

Each store is a print on demand store, so we never stock any items, the items are only produced when someone makes a purchase.  Typically, the store remains open for 2 weeks, and then closes for production and shipping.

We offer the option to ship items directly to your customers homes or to a central location for distribution.

AMBRO Manufacturing handles all customer questions, calls and issues.  We will provide our phone number and email address on the front page of each store.  This is typically a “hands free” experience for the coordinators of the store.

DividerWhy do people use us?


Superior Pricing

We understand that schools are on a budget and that every student should be able to afford a school spirit T-Shirt or garment.  That is why our pricing structure is reasonable and enables the school to earn fundraising dollars as well.

High Credibility in the Industry

Successful businesses are made on repeat customers and with that comes credibility. Hundreds of schools each month throughout the US rely on us to deliver customized apparel products, done right, on budget and delivered on time. With over 50 years in experience, we could not have survived otherwise.  We have been in business for over 30 years and continue to provide amazing custom service, high quality products and fair pricing to our customers.

Monthly Specials

Each month we have something on sale that is an amazing deal for your students, teachers or parents.  We will keep your school team aware of these items and continue to communicate with your store coordinator to ensure that you have the best online school store in your town.  If you think of spirit wear ideas, great!  Let us know.  If you have having trouble with your creative spark, that’s no problem, we’ll give you some hot spirit wear ideas that are selling well in other online school stores.

Complimentary Artwork

Every order placed receives FREE custom artwork or customization on one of our design templates that we offer on our website. We have a talented group of professional graphic artists who create jaw dropping artwork every day of the week.

School Spirit Ideas

One of the most difficult parts for anyone launching a new school spirit wear store, is coming up with school spirit ideas!  We’ve got you covered.  Since we work with schools all over North America and in Canada, we know what’s selling and where.  Let us help you with school spirit ideas based on what’s selling!

Top Customer Rating

We became the nations #1 source for customized school apparel by being the best. We work hard to make sure your order is done right and on budget. Each order is handled by experts who have years of experience that will help make your ordering process quick and easy. Start your order today to start experiencing the CustomStoreOnline.com difference.

We Look Forward to Working With you and your team.

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